Haws 7500 Portable Eye Wash

indexSpecifications :
Tank: 16 gallon capacity. FDA high-density polyethylenematerial.Portability: Has single top handle for easy carrying when empty and dual double �wide integral side  handles to facilitate two person handling when filled.
Features: Threaded cap and wide fill opening for easy filling, inspection and cleaning. In stand-by position, eyewash heads are protected in a recessed area from airborne debris. Drain hose provided with unit. No loose parts to get lost or damaged.
Color: Highly visible yellow arm distinguishes itself from the safety green tank allowing it to be located and activated.
Flashing time: Over 15 minutes of full flow pattern at not less than 0.4 gpm (1.5 liters per minute)
Mounting: Can be wall mounted (bracket included) or shelf mounted.
Eyewash preservative: One bottle of eyewash preservative additive 2 oz (59 ml)- included to permit storage of water for several months.

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